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“I am extremely grateful to Dr. Nick DeSantis. He is a highly skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor. Besides his skill, I have been deeply helped by his compassionate listening and his thorough explanations of what my body needs and exactly what he is going to do. He is generous with his time and suggestions regarding healing. I highly recommend him.”

Pauline R.



“I have been seeing Dr. Nick since December 2006 on a weekly basis. I came with severe hip and neck pain. I felt immediate relief after the first visit and now have a much fuller range of motion, reduced pain and less frequent adjustments. Dr. Nick and Judi, his office manager, are most hospitable, gentle and make me feel like “family”. I highly recommend his chiropractic services.”

Father Jim Poulsen
St. Martin’s Parish, La Mesa



“As a motorcyclist who also works for a motorcycle magazine, I spend long hours in a chair at the computer writing articles. My long history of prior neck and back injuries plus structural scoliosis has FINALLY found true relief and real, tangibly quantifiable, therapeutic results. My unstable spine and scoliosis are irreversible, so I do need regular and continued care and treatment. But, for the first time in my 56 years, the last six months have proven that Dr. Nick is truly gifted, intuitive and skilled at keeping me functional and relieving my pain.”

Randy T.

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